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Consumer Scorecard

Overall Rank:  10th
Price:            10th
Quality:         10th
Usage:          10th
Selection:      10th
Availability:    10th
Expertise:      8th
Warranties:    10th
North Star is a brand name owned by Ecowater which, in turn, is owned by the Marmon Group of companies, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. North Star has been in the water softener space for a number of decades and is known for making mid range and higher end products that are often distributed through plumbing wholesale centers. Both experts and consumers generally feel that North Star makes quality products, but the brand is not as popular or as well reviewed as some of the other top brands. We feel that the brand deserves to be on our list of top ten and we would place it ahead of certain brands with strong negative consumer sentiment such as Whirlpool or WaterBoss, but we would need additional information in order to consider giving North Star a higher placement.  

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