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Consumer Scorecard

Overall Rank:  5th
Price:            7th
Quality:         2nd
Usage:          5th
Selection:      4th
Availability:    4th
Expertise:      5th
Warranties:    2nd
Kinetico was founded in the 1970s by two engineers who pioneered the development of non-electric water treatment systems which ran on energy derived from the flow of the water itself rather than from an external electrical power source. The company has grown over time into an international presence. In the water softener space, Kinetico is well known for its high end products.

Kinetico's water softeners differ from competitors' models in that they do not run on electricity, in that they provide a twin tank design which allows them to never need to go offline for regeneration, and in that they utilize countercurrent regeneration technology which arguably makes the resins in the mineral tank last longer and work better. The  company sells its product through a network of dedicated dealers and service professionals, which may be located through a local directory or through the company's web site. Kinetico's water softeners are among the most expensive on the market, but come with an excellent warranty and service record. While some consumers believe that Kinetico provides the best water softeners available, others have concluded that the brand is "overhyped and overpriced". We believe the company offers a noteworthy product, but it is not for every budget.  

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