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Consumer Scorecard

Overall Rank:  2nd
Price:            1st
Quality:         5th
Usage:          2nd
Selection:      3rd
Availability:    1st
Expertise:      3rd
Warranties:    2nd
Kenmore is a brand name that was started by the Sears company in the 1920s for a new line of washing machines. Over the succeeding decades, the Kenmore line was broadly expanded to incorporate the full range of household appliances. Today, Kenmore is, by a substantial margin, the largest brand in the appliance space. As Kenmore remains a Sears brand, its products are only available through Sears stores and authorized outlets.

Kenmore's water softeners offer great value - a high quality product that is priced below $1,000 and backed by one of the best known companies in the home improvement space. Many consumers praise Kenmore water softeners for their ease of use, quiet operation, salt usage efficiency and softening effectiveness. Purchase and installation are simple to arrange through one of the hundreds of Sears retail outlets throughout the U.S. Similarly, maintenance and repair are a phone call away. Some consumers do recommend purchasing the 5-year protection plan along with the unit.

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