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Consumer Scorecard

Overall Rank:  4th
Price:            3rd
Quality:         3rd
Usage:          4th
Selection:      6th
Availability:    5th
Expertise:      2nd
Warranties:    4th
Fleck is owned by Pentair, which is a large diversified conglomerate with an extensive portfolio of water technologies products. Originally, the Fleck brand name came to the forefront because they were the first to truly understand the importance of valves in water softener systems. To this day, Fleck control valves are considered to be among the best in the water softener space.

The number of water softener models offered by Fleck is not as extensive as offered by other brands, but the products they do offer are incredibly high quality and dependable. Many consumers who have purchased Fleck systems, including those who were replacing other brands, have been exceedingly positive about the effectiveness and reliability of the units. We believe that Fleck water softeners are some of the absolute best available for the price. The only reason Fleck is not rated higher on our list is because they do not have the same level of brand recognition and customer service availability as some of the others.

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