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Consumer Scorecard

Overall Rank:  1st
Price:            4th
Quality:         1st
Usage:          1st
Selection:      1st
Availability:    3rd
Expertise:      1st
Warranties:    1st
Culligan was founded in 1936 by Emmett Culligan, an entrepreneur who introduced the world to the concept of soft water back in the 1920s. Over the decades since its founding, Culligan has become the world's leading water treatment company and has consistently remained at the forefront of water product and technology innovation. The company sells its products exclusively through a network of Culligan dealers. You can find the dealer in your area through the Yellow Pages, or by checking on Culligan's website.

Culligan offers a vast array of water softener products, from the mid-priced Medallist series to the higher end Gold and Platinum series. In addition, Culligan has a range of Total Home solutions which combine water softening and water filtration in a single product. Many consumers appreciate the quality of Culligan's systems, the extensive warranty coverage on their products, and the helpfulness of their specialists, particularly when it comes to installation. However, Culligan products tend to be on the more expensive side and some consumers believe that they are overpriced compared to offerings from Kenmore, GE, Fleck, and others.

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