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Consumer Scorecard

Overall Rank:  9th
Price:            6th
Quality:         9th
Usage:          9th
Selection:      9th
Availability:    9th
Expertise:      10th
Warranties:    9th
Crystal Quest is a subsidiary of Quest Technologies, a major manufacturer with an extensive portfolio of both residential and commercial products. Quest Technologies, in turn, is owned by 3M. Thus, both Aqua-Pure and Crystal Quest are actually owned by the same multinational corporation. However, for the time being the two brands retain two entirely separate identities and product lines.

Crystal Quest offers a water softener product with an extra long mineral tank for enhanced softening and specialized sediment and carbon cartridges for the removal of sediment and organic pollutants from the water in addition to the usual ion exchange process. Crystal Quest water softeners tend to be on the expensive side, ranging from about $1,200 to about $2,000 in price. Generally, consumers give Crystal Quest products high marks, but not a lot of information is available on the company's water softener line specifically and Crystal Quest had one of the least informative and most poorly formatted web sites of all the water softener brands.

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